More Than A Monster (2014)

It's a typical love story with a twist. A hardworking, but wimpy office worker named Guy falls in love with his female coworker, but his arrogant boss gets to her first. Frustrated with his bad luck and furious with his boss, Guy plots a plan to get back at him. On the night of his boss and coworker's date - also the night of a full moon - he turns into a werewolf and rips apart their evening.

Production Info

Genre // Horror Comedy

Release Year // 2014

Funding // MuchFact (Viral)




Guy Bradford as Guy

Katie Nicole Evans as Girlfriend

Robert Salerno as Boss




Kalle Mattson // The Artist

Justin Colautti // Writer, Director

Kris Elsley // Producer

Jerome Riel // Director of Photography

Natasha Mufti // Art Director

Monik Walmsley // Head Makeup Artist

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