Pitka Koirat: A Horse In the Folds (2014)

Pitka Koirat: A Horse in the Folds follows Arto, a man in his early 20s, as he struggles to balance his zealous dedication to old folklore and his family and friends' growing disenchantment with his eccentricities to become a horse.

Production Info

Genre // Absurdist Drama

Release Year // 2014

Accolades // William F. Whites Award



Conor Casey ... Arto

Richard Clarkin ... Truut

Emil Glassbourg ... Dainer

Charles Hutchings ... Bergjan

Terry Jansen ... Jerko

David Ludwig ... Farmer Doug



Kelso Steinhoff // Director, Co-Writer

Charles Hutchings // Co-Writer

Kristin Elsley // Producer

Nikolay Michaylov // Cinematographer

Matthew Bianchi // Production Designer

Rebeccah Love // Art Director

Daniel Haack // Editor

Post City Sound // Post Sound Designer

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